Friday, 10 April 2015

Hyper Revo 26 Inch Dual Suspension Mountain Bike - Men's - White

I bought this bike from Argos's ebay Ireland web store - here it is.
Curiously, the Argos Ireland web site didn't offer home delivery at the time - maybe it's changed since then.

Anyway here it is out of the box.

45 minutes later and I had it assembled as the first picture shows.
Incidentally don't lie it down that way up - turn it over so the pedals are on top, it makes it a bit easier to assemble that way.

It actually ended up being taller than my old touring bike once I'd adjusted the seat so my legs would stretch to their full extent, so I need to kick my leg up a bit higher or just make use of the lack of a cross bar and mount it that way.

I found the seat would move around when I did my first ride - use a proper torque wrench to keep it from doing this.

The snap lock on the seat works well but you have to remember how it was mounted when you put it back on otherwise you'll be adjusting it back to the way it was after cycling 20 meters, which is a bit annoying.

As far as gears go, since I'm used to touring bikes I just keep it at the highest pedal gear (operated by the left hand gear adjustment) and just use the wheel gear, numbered 1-6, with the right hand.

Sometimes going up or down a gear doesn't have an effect - then you need to go one past and back up, but there's not a big difference between one gear and the next, so that's no big deal.

You'll need a proper two-hand floor pump to fill the tires.

The wishbone suspension was a bit too spongy the way it was set so I tightened it about another 20% to stiffen it up.

I bought some mud guards and a bag holder for it but when the bag holder is weighed down it hits the mud guard which hits the tyre - a problem with dual suspension bikes.

You'll need ones that specifically mention "for dual suspension bikes" otherwise you'll be disappointed.

I got mine from Lidl, and ended up putting on the bag carrier using the supplied tools in the shop, so I could leave with my shopping inside the box the bag carrier came in, on the bag carrier.

It took about 20 minutes to attach.

I guess you dirt bike enthusiasts will be yelling at the screen - "you don't have mudguards or a bag holder when you're dirt bike racing", and yeah, you're right.

I was just looking for a bike that would do what I want and would last, and this certainly looks like it'll do that - and a bargain.

The bag holder was probably a waste of money - I'll use a back pack for heavy shopping in future.

I haven't ridden in the rain or through mud so I don't know how good the mudguards are, so I'll update this post when I do.

It certainly is a smooth ride, and those bumps and holes in the road are a lot less jarring to cycle over than they were before.

It has a steel frame so it weighs some, but it cruises like a Mercedes Benz, or at least how I imagine one would.

Happy trails!


  1. Hi great post, i was thinking about getting this bike soon and wondering if it came with the tools to fit it all together? and if not what did you use? thank you

  2. It includes a spanner that was stamped out of steel plate with holes for different sized nuts around its two ends.
    It isn't thick enough to grip any of the nuts/bolts along their entire head so it tended to give way during use - the nuts are harder than this thing.
    Get a lend of a few
    or better still a torque wrench set.

    Also, I'm 5'10" and I can barely get my toe to the ground at traffic lights while remaining seated this bike's so tall - I need the height so my legs can stretch, it makes cycling easier.

    Anyone taller would probably need an accessory to extend the saddle without pushing the center of gravity too far back.
    It would look like two cylinders welded together.

    Ask about it at a bike shop, say "I have a friend who got a present of a bike and needs their seat raised", not "these bikes are over priced, can you provide an attachment for the one I bought on line".

  3. ahh okay i am just off 6 foot and thanks i got all that from - Alex

  4. Im 15 stone and 5ft10 was wondering how strong the wheels are and if the tyres will stay inflated or someone to recommend me a cheap bike so i can loose weight

    1. According to the maintenance manual the maximum weight, including luggage, is 100kg - 15.7473 stone, so you're just under the wire!
      I'm 5'10" too so you will probably have the seat mounted as high as it will safely go to stretch your legs fully.
      The tyres need 50 psi so you'll need a two handed pump or a foot pump.
      It's an easy ride but after a while you'll sometimes miss the speed of a touring bike.
      If you don't cycle often it's perfect, otherwise you'd be forking out twice the cash for alternatives.
      Plus, if you get really good with it, you can amaze your friends by balancing on one wheel and hopping up/down stairs!

    2. I had a large comment typed out and forgot my password so lost all my typing. Long story short. All info you have given seems highly useful. I am 6 foot 3 inches and weigh about 14 and a half stone. Is the bike suitable for me still? Or you seem very knowledgeable so if it ain't what sort of bike should I go for. I looked at all your info for putting together but I will be rubbish so I am going to pay a friend. I'd appreciate quick response, I am contemplating making a final purchase in the next few days. Thanks for all the info so far

    3. Short answer - get a touring bike.
      I haven't heard of anyone trying a height extension seat adapter for this bike so I can't vouch for it.

  5. i got mine from liverpool with the wheels still on it lol

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