Thursday 24 May 2018

The vibe


We vibe off everything, may it be positive, neutral or negative.

That which we vibe off can be animate or inanimate.

When we have an idea, it's the idea we vibe off.

We usually describe this as "like", "dislike", "ignore", "useless", "love",
"hate", "interesting", "curious", "uninteresting", "bizarre", "attractive",
"uninteresting", "unattractive" or other adjectives.

These are all reflections of our human condition - not everyone feels the same,
so, to an extent, how we feel about things is a reflection of us.

When you vibe off something or someone, you know it, balls to bones.
If it's a person and they feel the same, you've found a soul mate.

You don't finish each others sentences, it's like surfing the net but you're
surfing their personality and they are doing the same thing, at the same time!

Notice that I've said nothing about gender.
Gender is a genetic coin flip, and sometimes that coin lands on its edge, so
it's not about that.

I've also not mentioned sex.
How important are having mind blowing orgasims to your life?

It's great when they happen, but it's usually not like calling an elevator,
which is actually part of their charm.

The best adrenaline rush is in the vibe, not the schedule.

What I mean by this is the vibe exists outside of time, but the schedule, when
and where you're going to do something, has a future, present, and a past.

You can sprinkle a relationship with events but the vibe was always there and
the events came from that.

That's why relationships never truly end - t had no beginning.
You were always gonna vibe off them.

And if you think that's not strange enough, cast your mind back to the last time you were lost in the rhythm!

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